Cisco Webex Teams Communities

Cisco Webex Ambassadors are a community of over ~2000 users consisting of Cisco employees, Partners and ISV’s. The spaces detailed below have been created to help you quickly find answers about anything over Cisco Webex. The Cisco Webex Ambassadors spaces are a self-supported community with limited Cisco TME and BU access.

Cisco Webex Ambassador Guidelines

  • Please don’t post about yourself right away, support the group first.
  • Ensure your post is related to Cisco Webex.
  • When posting a question, limit to 1:1 chats in order to avoid unnecessary clutter. Start something meaningful and direct the message to the user. Whatever your finding may be, share it with the space.
  • Use the Cisco Webex @mention command if you want that user to see your message.
  • Do not create, change, edit the space, or add users/bots/integrations to this community.
  • Do be constructive, helpful, and encouraging! Start quality discussions. You will be banned for spam, inappropriate posts, and for leaking NDA information.

Join the Cisco Webex Ambassador Communities

Ambassador Team Spaces

  • General: Announcement mode only for news and updates.
  • Ambassador Community: Chat over anything Cisco Webex.
  • Cisco Webex Engineer: Space for anything technical or engineering related.
  • Job Board: Open only to Accredited Ambassadors. Any ambassador can post collaboration related jobs in this space.
  • Partner Discussions Community: Partners only. Discuss FLEX, licensing, and anything partner related. We will migrate all partners to this space automatically. Going forward, please do not post anything customer related in the ‘Ambassador Community’ space. If you have not been added to this space, please fill out the form here.
  • News, Events, or Sites to Read: A post only space to share relevant Collaboration related articles to the community.

Developer & Special Interest Spaces Cisco Webex

  • Botkit Devs [ Join ]: User group for Howdy botkit developers.
  • [ Join ]: Learn more about’s Slack and Stride to Cisco Webex integrations here.
  • ECM – Enterprise Content Q&A [ Join ]: BU sponsored space to learn more about our content integrations such as OneDrive, Box, Dropbox and more.
  • Open Source Starter Kits [ Join ]: Fabian, ServiceNow, Poll bot and various open source topics.
  • PHP Devs [ Join ]: User group for PHP developers.
  • Python Devs [ Join ]: User group for Python developers.
  • xAPI Devs [ Join ]: BU sponsored space to learn more about in-room controls, macro’s, and xAPIs.
  • Ask Webex API Emulator Space [ Join ] – User group for Webex Teams developers.
  • Webex SDK & Widget – Early Adopter [ Join ] – Learn more about Webex iOS and Android SDK & Widgets.

Invite-Only Website Communities

  • Cisco Webex Ambassadors Facebook Community [ Join ] : Space for pinned topics such as news and events
  • Cisco Webex Partner Community [ Join ] : Cisco Webex partner portal with promotions and other go-to-market (GTM) activities

Moderators & Support

  • Cert/Swag/Application Support: Renamed from ‘Ambassador Program Support’ to ‘Cert/Swag/Application Support’. Post any program issues with the directory, certificate or swag here.
  • Ambassador Program Moderators: Kendra Cote, Josh Reola

Top Ambassador Partners