Cisco Webex Professionals

Photo of Hesham Abdelrazeq

Hesham Abdelrazeq

“A Computer Engineer who enjoy learning new things and working with latest technologies.
….from Egypt.”

Photo of Abdelbar Aglagane

Abdelbar Aglagane


Abdel is a system engineer recently graduated from CSAP as VSE in the software practice, Abdel has a software background and likes to spend his time hacking things and coding new things.

Abdel is based in Paris, originally form a small town called Skoura in Morocco.

Abdel is passionate about new technologies and he is an avid bee keeper

Photo of Bernhard Albler

Bernhard Albler


Bernhard Albler is a Cisco Voice CCIE working in Austria. In 2015, he co-founded Vienna-based Frink Advanced Services, a boutique Cisco partner specialized on collaboration with additional focus on the rising importance of the human factor in collaboration.

For Bernhard, collaboration services are not built on one pillar but three: technological factors (engineering excellence), human factors (user adoption strategies) as well as business factors (business relevancy of it).…

Photo of Yusuf Ali

Yusuf Ali

i am a UC solutions architect with over 10 years experience in the industry, currently specializing in Video and an interest in IoT

Photo of Noureddine Amri

Noureddine Amri

Senior Software Engineer

Consultant and entrepreneur. Skilled in web and mobile app development. Winner of multiple awards.

Photo of Robert Bernal

Robert Bernal

Support and maintain the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Video and all other Applications…

Photo of Brad Bester

Brad Bester

Systems Engineer

Cisco SE and avid Maker with a strong appetite for APIs.  Contributor to the Devnet Python SDK, co-creator of a couple pending SDN patents, and lots of interest in bots, robotics, drones, Big Data, and machine learning.  Programming for just over3 decades, in the networking industry for over 2, and with Cisco for just short of 1.  …

Photo of Casey Bleeker

Casey Bleeker

Business Development Manager

MedAssistant and SalesConnect Bot creator. Hackathon enthusiast.  World traveler.

Photo of Jose Bogarin S.

Jose Bogarin S.

Chief Innovation Officer

“I work at Altus, a company I co-founded with my brother and friend in 2007. We began selling Cisco hardware but after several years we decided that it was important for us to differentiate ourselves developing software. So, I am an electrical engineer, turned networking engineer turned software developer.

My day to day job for the past 5 year has been leading my software development team and work closely with customers to understand what we can do to improve their use of the Cisco technologies they have or are planning to get.…

Photo of Steve Burnley

Steve Burnley

Collaboration Technical Lead

Collaboration Technical Lead at Softcat, a leading UK based VAR and Cisco Gold Partner.  With 16 years of experience in IT sales across a wide variety of vendors and technologies I’m a passionate advocate for Collaboration technologies, especially all things to do with

Photo of Ryan Byrne

Ryan Byrne

Technical Graduate

Works at Dimension Data as a Technical Engineer. Interest and focus to innovate with Bots both internally and in the larger community!

Photo of Bryan Calabrese

Bryan Calabrese

“Thought leader with tenacious passion to better the world through technologies that disrupt the status quo, who aspires to inspire partners, customers, and peers along the way.
Currently unleashing the next Wave of collaboration & next gen meeting tools at Cisco. Avid experimenter of AI, AR, & VR.
When I’m not working or goggled in, I’m pushing the boundaries and my own personal limits, usually in the Mountains – riding gravity on a Bike, or a Board,”

Photo of Russell Chaseling

Russell Chaseling

Senior UC Engineer

“Have been working as a Senior Engineer with Cisco UC since 2008. Gaind my CCIE Collaboration Certification in June 2010 (26210) and have been working on small, medium and large Cisco UC deployments every since
I am responsible for everything from designing, deploying and supporting sites from Call Manager Express through to large multi-national Contact Centre Enterprise sites
Currently I’m cross skilling into DevOps and learning python and will pursue the new Devnet CCNA program

If you don’t want to be listed in the directory, please state so in here.”

Photo of Harish Chawla

Harish Chawla

Consulting Systems Engineer

Cisco to SMS bot creator featured on the Cisco Spot.

Photo of Paul Cheek

Paul Cheek

Full Stack Web & Mobile Entrepreneur

Consultant, entrepreneur, and full stack software engineer. Focus on web, mobile, database, and systems design and development

Photo of German Cheung

German Cheung

Senior IT Engineer


Photo of Aman Chhabra

Aman Chhabra

“-SLED West Collab CSE in Northern California
-FTAB Lead for Public Sector West.
-Experience with APIs in, NodeJS, and Python.
-Have a healthy love/hate relationship with ;)”

Photo of Christopher Clouse

Christopher Clouse

Principal Consulting Engineer

Christopher Clouse is a Principal Consulting Engineer at CDW with more than 10 years of experience helping people communicate more effectively using collaboration technologies.

Photo of James Coffey

James Coffey

Senior Systems Engineer

I work with a VAR supporting presale and delivery activities mainly around Cisco Unified Communications. I have been in the UC world since the 3.1 days… Most of my career has been based around designing, deploying and supporting Cisco UC solutions. I’ve spent about half my time shared between customer and consultant and feel it gives me broader view.…

Photo of Gereint Collier

Gereint Collier

Presales: [CiscoWebexTeams] and Next Gen Video

Presales Consultant – Next Generation Meetings. Passionate about Cisco collaboration and teamworking.

Photo of Lara Benito Concepcion

Lara Benito Concepcion

Associate Systems Engineer

Photo of Phillip Connew-McAvoy

Phillip Connew-McAvoy


Apart from my great interest in technology, I am also greatly driven by convergence and providing added value to existing systems to achieve the most from them. I have a passion for web design and most aspects of it including scripting, html, xml coding and developing ease of use graphical interfaces such as using the SOAP AXL to provide functionality that is not available from Cisco today.…

Photo of Andres Corral

Andres Corral

Strategy Product Sales Specialist

Mexican, Passionate for efficient collaboration and team work dynamics, Strong experience on Video and SW development, Aquarist and blogger.

Photo of Saulo Costa

Saulo Costa

IT specialist with extensive experience. One of the founders of Any Consulting, company in Brazil where I work with a focus on Network Engineering and Collaboration.

Photo of Bill Cozzens

Bill Cozzens

Bill Cozzens is Cisco Design Team Lead, and a 25-year Cisco technology veteran.

Photo of Hody Crouch

Hody Crouch

ENGAGEcx bot creator. Customer experience evangelist. Meraki specialist.

Photo of Christopher Day

Christopher Day

Solutions Consultant

I have worked in the industry for over 15 years and am now a Solutions Consultant for a major ICT company in Australia “Data#3”. I hold a CCIE Collaboration along with 20 other IT industry certifications across Cisco and Linux. I have been using Cisco since project Squared and have enjoyed watching it’s maturity over the years.

Photo of Matt Day

Matt Day

Cloud and Data Centre CSE

Throughout the years I’ve spent much time working with customers and partners to develop new and innovative technical solutions. Recently, I have been focussed on cloud computing, application development and data centre integration. This includes solutions such as OpenStack, hybrid cloud management, Software Defined Networking and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Photo of Wayne De Nardi

Wayne De Nardi

Courtroom Technology Coordinator

TelePresence Professional based in Adelaide, South Australia, predominantly working within the Justice sector.

Photo of Rhys Deas

Rhys Deas

Head of Model Office

Head Of Model Office for HMRC, driving business innovation across contact centres and back office, looking to create customer service solutions to allow all customers the ability to self serve in the UK Tax System , DUCCE and AUCCE qualified for HCS

Photo of Vicky Dineshchandra

Vicky Dineshchandra

Software Engineer

I’m a new graduate who is started in July 2018. I’m based in the Bedfont Lakes office in Feltham, London. I recently graduated from University College London with a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science. I’m interested in backend technologies and security and have previously worked at British Telecoms as well as in a research lab.

Photo of Brian Donadio

Brian Donadio

Brian Donadio is an Engineer that has always been drawn to Cisco Collaboration tools. He first got his start with Cisco Collab working as an Implementation Engineer at a partner in 2006 (CUCM 3.x). He has deployed most of the Premise based and Webex Cloud based portfolio over the years in all kinds of environments. With collaboration becoming more API enabled and cloud based, Brian sees endless possibilities with the Cisco Webex platform.

Photo of Carlos Marcelo Dons Blaedel

Carlos Marcelo Dons Blaedel

Specialties: Collaboration | R&S | Renewable Energie | Complex Projects.

Photo of Nathan Dunlap

Nathan Dunlap

Senior Development Engineer

Software developer with 13 years of experience in many languages, methodologies, and technologies. Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Photo of Robert Ecke

Robert Ecke

Account Manager & Web Collaboration Specialist

Account Manager & Web Collaboration Specialist

Photo of Mark Eggenberger

Mark Eggenberger

Cisco Acronyms Bot creator.

Photo of Zane England

Zane England

Head of product at Yarnlab

Photo of Marcello Federico

Marcello Federico

Consulting Systems Engineer

Chester, Pollbot and SalesConnect Bot creator.

Photo of David Fernandez

David Fernandez

“David started his Cisco career in 2006 through the Cisco Sales Associate Program (CSAP) in Amsterdam. He then returned to his Native Colombia for 6 years as a Cisco Public Sector SE and then Cisco Partner SE. In 2012 he moved to the US and joined Netformx as a Senior Technical Solutions Consultant working with Cisco partners on Network Design and Profitability.…

Photo of Jonathan Field

Jonathan Field

Business Development Manager

I am incredibly passionate about Software, working in technical pre-sales but also being a developer and understanding how solutions truly work is invaluable in helping to deliver results for my customers.

Photo of Dave Fleck

Dave Fleck

Product Sales Specialist

Helping bring pervasive video and collaboration solutions to Enterprises, Healthcare, and State & Local Government in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. I love video conferencing and am passionate about helping my clients solve complex collaboration challenges. Every day I connect with organizations across the world and I don’t force them to join via a certain type of medium.…

Photo of Jorge Florez

Jorge Florez

Head of Infrastructure

Jorge Florez – Infraestructure Chief – Infomedia Service

Photo of Wilfried Fouchaux

Wilfried Fouchaux


Unified communication Pres sales at Telindus Luxembourg

Photo of Francisco Fuster

Francisco Fuster

Systems Engineer

I am a Systems Engineer with main focus on Enterprise Networks and Collaboration architectures.  For the last 8 years at Cisco, I have been driving adoption of these technologies and become trusted technical advisor to several Manufacturing and Retail customers.

Photo of Tarik Gad

Tarik Gad


I have more than 10 years of experience in Unified Communication sector, with experience in various positions and aspects of the industry.

Photo of Pinakin Gandhi

Pinakin Gandhi

Technical Solutions Architect

Pinakin is a Consulting Systems Engineer with the Global Enterprise Segment. Collaboration specialist, supporting the North East Region based out at NY/NJ. Pinakin is focused on large financial customers understanding, success, and adoption of the Cisco Platform and Endpoints.

Photo of Jonathan George

Jonathan George

Cisco Partner

Digital Collaboration Lead for Adoptt. Technology master with a passion for how its application delivers business outcomes. Bridges and balances the needs of IT with the business requirements to ensure the solution satisfies both. Cloud service evangelist with a desire to change the way we work in today’s more social, collaborative and mobile enabled workplace.

Photo of Scott Giese

Scott Giese

Staff Architect

Photo of Laura Giles

Laura Giles

Integration & Automation Consulting Engineer,

Tekken champ, fire starter.
#innovative #integrator #cx #voice #data #crm #iot #dev #analytics

Photo of Paul Giralt

Paul Giralt

Paul has spent is career in Cisco Services focused on the wide range of Unified Communications and Collaboration products. He is known for creating solutions using a variety of API’s including AXL, Serviceability SOAP, CUPI, JTAPI, CURRI / ECC, SIP, and most recently the Tropo and API’s. He is also known for his book, Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony.…

Photo of Josue Enrique Gomez Romero

Josue Enrique Gomez Romero

ing. Redes y Telecomunicaciones

Ing. Redes y Telecomunicaciones

Photo of Davide Grandis

Davide Grandis

Technical Solutions Architect

Photo of Steve Greenberg

Steve Greenberg

Consulting Systems Engineer

A resource to Cisco’s World-Class Jabber, Workspace & Collaboration Partners, providing timely & persistent updates, news and perspective.

Photo of Johns Gresham

Johns Gresham

Bot and full stack developer with strong interests in NLP and ML

Photo of Tilleul Guillaume

Tilleul Guillaume


Business is a passion since young! After 10 year, IBM and a few creations of startup I embarked on developing application in the world of the IOT

Photo of Tor Hagemann

Tor Hagemann


Personal objective: Unite fields of computer science and mathematics, preferably for the purposes of research or education and through applying a shared, open-source philosophy to tackle challenging engineering problems.

Photo of Paul Hambleton

Paul Hambleton

Systems Engineer in UK Health & Local Government team.

Photo of Syed Mustafa Hassan

Syed Mustafa Hassan

“Learning Space Design Assit. at George Mason University.
Working on the PhD in Learning Technologies Design Research”

Photo of Elisabeth Hauser

Elisabeth Hauser

Cisco Market Development Specialist at Ingram Micro

Photo of Xavier Hemery

Xavier Hemery

“Xavier Hemery is a Unified Communications expert driven by curiosity, and providing customers with a technical solution matching their business and functional needs

After his engineering school, he started to work for Cisco as an intern in Unified Communications in 2001. Since then, he has been working in various post and pre-sales positions in companies delivering Cisco Unified Communications technology, allowing him to gain valuable field experience.…

Photo of Kenneth Hicks IV

Kenneth Hicks IV

Customer Support Engineer

I am on the Collaboration TAC HTTS team at Cisco. In my current role, I help troubleshoot and resolve issues within the collaboration space. I also focus on finding gaps in everyday workflow and creating automation to fill those gaps and ehnace workflow efficiency. Working with collaboration endpoint and infrastructure portfolio, I am also involved in automating the troubleshooting process.…

Photo of Pavel Hoffman

Pavel Hoffman

Systems Engineer

Photo of Robin Hoffman

Robin Hoffman

Principal Architect

I am a Unified Communications Principal Architect with Verizon and I focus on Enterprise customers. Webex Teams provides a new communications platform that can deliver distinct advantages to modern workflows. I look forward to sharing ideas with others on how Webex Teams can continue to provide these advancements.

Photo of David Houska

David Houska

Advanced Technical Consultant, Line-of-Business Leader Converged Communications

Photo of Hamza Hussain

Hamza Hussain

Hamza is a Technical Engineer with a passion for innovative technology, collaboration and cloud computing – “Passion is about deliberately bringing technology into your own life or the lives of others. To help, create and develop ideas which should enhance the lives we live through technology”.

Photo of Sajjad Hussain

Sajjad Hussain

“I am Sajjad Hussain, from a remote area of Pakistan, doing software engineering from International Islamic University, Islamabad. I am very energetic to fulfill the market needs and an advance the science and technology in Pakistan. I have worked on several self-learned and experienced projects. Apart fron this, I have experience in computer programming such as C++, Java , C#,html/html5, css/css3 , JavaScript, jquary, bootstrap, PHP ,…

Photo of Holger Imbery

Holger Imbery

“Solution Strategist

Holger is an experienced consulting and marketing professional with a record of significant contributions in technology markets.
He is passionate about integration of digital technologies into everyday life.”

Photo of Kareem Iskander

Kareem Iskander


Devvie Bot creator. DevNet’s Event System Engineer. Hacker. World Traveler

Photo of Vladimir Ivanovic

Vladimir Ivanovic

Systems Engineer with a background in Network and Infrastructure management.

Photo of Nick Janes

Nick Janes

IT Network Engineer

My name is Nick Janes I am an IT Network Engineer (Data Center) in Global Infrastructure Services specifically Network Services. I am also the Global Social Media Lead for ECN (Early Career Network) and the RTP Technical Lead for ECN. I love my job and where I work! Most of all I love to help and serve others while constantly continuing to learn.

Photo of Iqbal Javaid

Iqbal Javaid

A strong credible Collaboration specialist with 15 years’ experience in planning, designing, implementing, and supporting large UC solutions covering a range of industries.

Photo of Andrej Jelenik

Andrej Jelenik

Systems Engineer

Czech and Slovak field Systems Engineer with technical focus on Cisco Cyber Security, Meraki and Cisco Collaboration solutions

Photo of Mark Kamerer

Mark Kamerer

Senior Solutions Architect

Sr. Technology Architect with twenty years of Cisco / Voice experience. The secret sauce is customization through APIs ad customer integration.

Photo of Mahmoud Kayyali

Mahmoud Kayyali

Senior Solutions Developer

“Working out of the Dubai office as a Senior Solutions Developer and a Consulting Systems Engineer as well. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Information technology.

A seasoned Full Stack Developer working in the Digital Signage industry. Experienced in building front end applications for the Mobile, the Web and the Desktop and in building back end server side solutions.…

Photo of Romain Kotarba

Romain Kotarba

Engineer and Software Developer. Love maths, data sciences and gifs.

Photo of Arash Koushkebaghi

Arash Koushkebaghi

My name is Arash. I’m a software engineer. I love creating and integrating things with the latest technology for learning experiences.

Photo of Dmytro Kravchenko

Dmytro Kravchenko

Network Engineer

The world is changing and we should be ahead helping people to adopt it.
I’m a true believer of Cisco and especially Hybrid Services, so, my goal will be to educate and popularize it among the people.
I’m a Network Consulting Engineer in the Connected Experience Team.

Photo of Pavel Krizanovsky

Pavel Krizanovsky

Systems Engineer

Photo of Thorsten Kurthien

Thorsten Kurthien

Senior System Engineer

Senior System Engineer with a passion for Collaboration and UC products.

Photo of Emilio Alfonso Ledezma Arteaga

Emilio Alfonso Ledezma Arteaga

“I´m Emilio Alfonso Ledezma Arteaga, i´m 25 years old.
Mechatronic engineer, working as a support engineer and group leader.”

Photo of Arnold Lee

Arnold Lee

Associate Systems Engineer

I am currently an Associate Systems Engineer with Cisco under the awesome CSAP Program in Singapore! I just graduated from university and joined Cisco about 5 months ago and it has been awesome so far. Stumbled upon this Ambassador program after seeing some of my colleagues doing it and the Swag items look pretty cool. Want to get some cool stuff for myself and make myself look cool!…

Photo of Jeff Levensailor

Jeff Levensailor

Collaboration Engineer and Node JS developer. IoT and Automation enthusiast. Always asking more of technology. Blogger @

Photo of Joe Leventhal

Joe Leventhal

Global/Enterprise Collaboration Sales Specialist

Photo of Tim Lovelace

Tim Lovelace

Systems Engineer

Tim is currently a Systems Engineer at Cisco. He has been involved with Cisco’s collaboration solutions since around 2001 and holds a CCIE Collaboration. Tim has been working with and its APIs since its release.

Photo of Thomas Loyau

Thomas Loyau

Apprentice Engineer in Collaboration Team in Cisco France

Photo of Austin Lutz

Austin Lutz

Network Engineer

Austin focuses primarily on Unified Communications with a specialization in Telepresence based products such as CMR (Collaboration Meeting Room) and MRA (Mobile and Remote Access). In addition to maintaining the Cloverhound Data Center, Austin is often found tinkering with anything tech. He also enjoys working outside and traveling to different parts of the world.

Photo of Tatyana Lyan

Tatyana Lyan

Customer Support Engineer

For several years worked as a Network Engineer. After that began to work with Cisco Voice/Collaboration products implementing network/voice solutions for Enterprise networks. Joined Cisco 4 months ago as a part of Cloud Collaboration TAC team in Poland. Happy to be part of this big community, evolving .

Photo of Paola Mancini

Paola Mancini

Senior Software Developer and Technical Evangelist

Senior Software Developer and Technical Evangelist

Photo of Nicholas Marus

Nicholas Marus

API and Programmability Director

Engineer and Developer.

Photo of Lucas Marzocco

Lucas Marzocco

Software Engineer

Hello! My name is Lucas and I’ve been working at Cisco for 6 months. I’m currently a Software Engineer in the EPS organization under CIPS in GIS. I’m trying to figure out what features to add to my bots to help make the work place faster, smarter, and work more efficiently.

Photo of Mehedi Hasan Masum

Mehedi Hasan Masum

Research Assistant

Programmer and undergrad student. Winner of 4 International Hackathons. Love AI and open source. Believer of  ‘Roll up your sleeves and get it done’.

Photo of Cavala Matsi

Cavala Matsi


“My Name Is Cavala Matsi and I am a Developer at Assento (a Cisco partner)
I was born in Limpopo South Africa. I am computer science graduate from the Pearson Institute of Higher education. As a graduate my goal is to grow in the Information and communications technology sector, explore the latest tools and use those tools to solve real world problems.…

Photo of Michael Maurer

Michael Maurer

Associate Systems Engineer

Photo of Lawrence McIntosh

Lawrence McIntosh

Business Development

Over 35 years experience in Telecom starting out as a Network Operator for the Arpanet. Have worked in Operations, Product Development, Pre and Post-sales Engineering and currently in Business Development. Below is some additional information concerning current responsibilities.

Currently holding a multifaceted role that includes developing the strategy for Tata Communications North America Network as well as the global UC&C strategy.…

Photo of Bill McNine

Bill McNine

Technical Solutions Architect

“Hello Ambassadors! A little about me.. I started in the videoconferencing industry with Pictel (PictureTel) back in 1986. It’s been a great ride and it’s far from over!

I’ve been with Cisco since they acquired Tandberg back in 2010 and I couldn’t be happier. A lot has happened in the last 8+ years and I’m just glad to be a part of it!…

Photo of Josh Miller

Josh Miller

Consulting Director

Born and raised in Southern California, Josh Miller has been consulting on and deploying Cisco Collaboration systems for 17+ years.

Photo of Jon Miranda

Jon Miranda

Collaboration Architecture Engineering

I work for a Cisco Partner…GDT based out of Dallas Texas.

Photo of Michal Mlynka

Michal Mlynka

System Engineer

Cisco Unified Collaboration system consultant focused through full Cisco UC portfolio.
Cisco Voice/Collaboration CCNP system engineer.
Years of experiences with implementation and support of the Cisco Voice/Collaboration solutions.
CCSI Cisco Certified System Instructor (#34918) focused on routing&switching&voice&collaboraiton topics.

Photo of Abdul Momeni

Abdul Momeni

I have been at Cisco Systems for going on 17 years. May 1st 2000 to now, I have been able to working on so many different technologies from rolling out IP phones to all the different version of CUCM. I am very excited to start working on and seeing everything change to the new way of doing business here at Cisco and around the world

Photo of Alex Mosburger

Alex Mosburger

Solution Expert for UCC services and part of the Orange group since 20 years.

Photo of Nick Mueller

Nick Mueller

Nick Mueller is a Technical Architect at CDW, with responsibilities for , Unified Communications, TelePresence and Video.

Photo of Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy

Collaboration Practice Lead

“I’m a technology evangelist and promoter of the role technology can play in shaping the way we interact with each other and with “things”. Working with organizations of all sizes to apply innovation through strategic decision making and end user adoption programs.”

Photo of Jason Murray

Jason Murray

Collaboration Systems Engineer

Collaboration Engineer working for Cisco dCloud.  Developer of the Services Demo and Enablement Lab listed on Cisco dCloud

Photo of Tor Erik Myklebust

Tor Erik Myklebust

I have been working with Cisco Collaboration for more than 10 years now and think I have worked on most products in the portfolio within these years. I have to admit that is the first product from Cisco that really has wowed me and I am looking forward to see how it develops (and develop myself alongside).

Photo of Cyrille Naert

Cyrille Naert

Solutions Architect

Passionate about new technologies and always eager for new knowledge, with its API allows to create new automations and interactions. I naturally use it to improve the user experience and offer my clients a greater nesting of Cisco tools with its architecture.

Photo of Marcel Neidinger

Marcel Neidinger


Computer Science student and Associate Systems Engineer in Cisco’s Switzerland Office in Zurich. After an internship in the collaboration team at Cisco Switzerland I am starting my CSAP journey in August of 2019. I am genuinely interested in the way humans and teams interact with each other and how we can use technology to aid teams to achieve more.

Photo of Chris Norman

Chris Norman

Consulting Systems Engineer

CSE @ Cisco Systems, UC watcher and owner of popular blog . These tweets are my own, not Cisco’s.

Photo of Himank Pande

Himank Pande

Senior Network Engineer – Lead

CCIE, Bot Enthusiast and a lover of automation, Give me the world and I would love to automate everything it curtails. Just the idea of getting as many use cases into IT as possible along with the probabilities it brings excites me.

And yeah… one of those possibilities can be the next big thing.

Photo of Bernard Paques

Bernard Paques

Solution Architect, Cloud, Europe

Solution Architect at Dimension Data Europe, and involved into digital transformation of major customers. Developing preferably in python and interested into bots too.

Photo of Darren Parkinson

Darren Parkinson

Applications Director at Natilik, a specialist IT & Communications provider.

Photo of Kyle Parrish

Kyle Parrish

Server Operations Engineer

I am Kyle Parrish, a Server Operations Engineer in The Villages, Florida. Recently I have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and hold the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Certified Ethical Hacker and A+ certifications. My primary focus is in the security realm and I am always eager to find new things to learn, new projects to tackle and new ways of accomplishing tasks more efficiently and securely.…

Photo of Roy Pereira

Roy Pereira

My mission is to make a real difference within the digital domain.

On a daily base i lead, analyse and manage stakeholders in a demanding environment. I work with stakeholders and developers from different fields of expertise and cultural backgrounds.

I understand the customer needs, translate these needs into epics and ensure that the product development team will deliver the best result in the most efficient way.

Photo of Andrew Perelgut

Andrew Perelgut

I am based out of Bellevue, Washington and have been designing and deploying Unified Communications solutions for the past 10 years.

Photo of Ian Perry

Ian Perry

Collaboration Solutions Architect

Working with Cisco collaboration technologies since the CCM 4.x days. Previously involved in deployment, but moved to pre-sales a number of years ago. Now enjoying explaining the individual and team productivity benefits of . Very recently graduated from Associate to Professional Ambassador, and looking forward to expanding the possibilities of the platform through bots and integrations.

Photo of Chad Peterson

Chad Peterson

“Technical Solution Architect @ Cisco with a passion for learning and building. At work I focus DC technologies, network programmability, and helping drive customer adoption of new technology. I have a strong interest in Home Automation, Bots, and just having fun with technology.

I’m passionate about helping others learn, and do what I can network engineers to start programming.…

Photo of Jim Pfleger

Jim Pfleger

Distinguished Architect

Jim is a “big picture” architect with a strong belief in “people and process, then technology,” first identifying the business needs before envisioning and implementing an efficient, reusable technical solution. With more than twenty years of technical experience in the software and Internet industries, he has excelled in roles at all stages of development including architect, software engineer, operations engineer, and project manager.

Photo of Duong Phan

Duong Phan


“10 years of experience working in the Telecommunications and Information Technology industry. He is also one of the leading experts in VoIP solution of CISCO and AVAYA.
Working at FPT in VoIP and Network department for 9 years, participating in many large complex VoIP and network projects at large banks and petroleum companies. In addition, he has worked at TMA solution in a position of researching, deploying and testing Nortel VoIP solution.”

Photo of Rekha Rawat

Rekha Rawat

Software Systems Engineer

Photo of Martyn Rees

Martyn Rees

Senior UC Engineer

Senior UC Engineer located in Adelaide, Australia, with a focus on getting the most out of UC and improving end user experience & adoption.

Photo of Aniqa Rehman

Aniqa Rehman

Software Engineer

Software Engineer at Makenai Solutions, Innovation & Creative Ideas, a young Spanish company with a great expertise in Cisco Unified Communications and now betting on the environment of the Developments / Integrations to add value to the new Cisco services / products. My technical experience of around 3 years in different technologies and roles help me to fit into different areas.…

Photo of Jay Rich

Jay Rich

Jason spends his time providing consulting, demonstrations, presentations, Proof of Concepts, on-site specialized customer training and assistance in deploying Hybrid Services.

Photo of Joe Richer

Joe Richer

Experienced Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer networking industry. Skilled in SQL, Microsoft Office, Cisco Certified, Python, and Networking. Strong engineering professional currently working towards a Bachelor of Science (BSc) focused in Computer systems and Networks from University of Plymouth.

Photo of Patrick Riel

Patrick Riel

Software Engineer

Software Engineer. DevNet’s Event Team.

Photo of Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson

“Technical Architect – Applications
Long time programmer, specializing in developing and maintaining automation tools for Cisco Unified Communications.”

Photo of Rafael Rung

Rafael Rung

Cisco Collaboration Expert, CCIE Collaboration, working for Deutsche Telekom Außendienst GmbH

Photo of Eric Sadek

Eric Sadek

“Eric Sadek is currently the Founder and Senior Manger of ERSA Group. Eric has led the company through a spectrum of economic circumstances to what is now positioned to be one of the country’s most prominent providers of Information Technology, Cyber Security, Mission Support, and Advisory Services.

Eric is a Detroit native and 2004 graduate of the University of Michigan.…

Photo of Ehab Salem

Ehab Salem

“Ehab Salem,
System Engineer at Cisco Saudi Arabia
CCIE#26088 (Collaboration)
MBA, ITIL،  Business Architect #00391”

Photo of Michael San Marco

Michael San Marco

Senior Collaboration Engineer

“Michael San Marco is a CDW Cisco collaboration engineer specializing in telepresence and WebEx. He has worked on multiple large and complex deployments involving cloud, on-prem, and hybrid WebEx solutions. He has worked with multiple hybrid services including: Hybrid Calendar Connector, Hybrid Call Connect/Aware, Directory Connector, and Video Mesh Nodes.

He has extensive experience with the Webex Teams application, WebEx Meetings, Webex Teams Meetings, Webex boards, and other telepresence devices which register to the Webex cloud (such as roomkit, roomkit plus, SX/MX series codecs)

He also develops python applications to assist his customer who require 3rd party integrations with their Cisco telepresence codecs via the Cisco Touch-10 control unit.”

Photo of Nathan Schlutter

Nathan Schlutter

Systems Engineer

Nate Schlutter is a Systems Engineer with Cisco based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a technology generalist with expertise in unified communications and contact center technologies. Nate has worked in technology for over 15 years including time with a Microsoft small business solution provider, a Cisco gold partner, and a managed service provider offering hosted solutions.…

Photo of Yli Schwartzman

Yli Schwartzman

Lead Architect, Collaboration

I am a CCIE Collaboration engineer who enjoys working on all aspects of Cisco Collaboration technology from voice, video, and contact center to Webex, Teams, and APIs. Always love learning more and getting the opportunity to make cool technology work for people!

Photo of Al Sette

Al Sette

Deployment and adoption schemes for communication services are in an endless state of convergence, and is purpose built to accelerate the next wave! As a cross-architectural go-to-market practitioner, I focus on optimizing dependencies between design, delivery and managed services. both dramatically simplifies the lower layers of this stack, and accentuates the upper tiers. I currently serve as a architectural specialist with a focus on Cisco’s Collaboration infrastructure, cloud, hosted, mobility, conferencing and video products.…

Photo of Jan Seynaeve

Jan Seynaeve

Long time engineer in CiscoIT managing CallManager and Global Dial Plans, Hybrid Services and trying to get stuff automated

Photo of Steve Sfartz

Steve Sfartz

NeXT developer back in the 90’s, Stève got among the first Java Certified developer and JavaOne exhibitors, evangelized the .Net platform, and launched Microsoft Cloud Azure. Stève then ran the engineering of Kosmos’s Digital Services for Education, and the Restlet Modeling and Hosting Platform for Web APIs “APISpark”. Since 2016, Stève Sfartz is API Evangelist at DevNet – Cisco Developer Program – spreading the word for Cisco REST APIs and Cloud Collaboration Services – and Tropo.…

Photo of Anthony Shaw

Anthony Shaw

“Anthony Shaw runs learning, innovation and coding skills for Dimension Data. As well as being an avid coder for Apache Software Foundation and Python projects, Anthony contributes to over 20 Open-Source projects.
For , Anthony authored and maintains the hubot- plugin for Hubot on NPM, contributes to the Python package and has other PoC projects to demonstrate integrations.…

Photo of Gaurav Singhal

Gaurav Singhal

Consulting Solutions Architect

Collaboration Solutions Architect focusing on cloud, hybrid and on premise collaboration needs. Also focusing on building coding skills to play with APIs. Have CCIE Collaboration certification with 10+ years of experience doing collaboration plan, design and implementations.

Photo of Eric Siomme

Eric Siomme

“Dimension Data / CS SI / Experdata / PCE / TRT / Eurotransdata / G3S Specialties: Voice over IP, IP
Convergence, Consulting, Business Development”

Photo of PJ Smith

PJ Smith

With InformaCast alert software from Singlewire, we connect people when and where it matters. When an emergency occurs, our mass notification system helps keep people safe and informed, everywhere, every time.

Photo of Jon Snipes

Jon Snipes

Solutions Consultant

After Working as a butcher for several Grocery chains in the region, I decided to make a career move. I have gained focused experience with Cisco Collaboration products working for Cisco TAC on CME/CUE gateways and designing and deploying collaboration solutions for Cisco Gold partners and completed my CCIE Collaboration. My focus is on Voice and Video deployments in complex call routing environments as well as developing applications to leverage Cisco APIs to fulfill advance call routing and collaboration needs and device/user provisioning.

Photo of Silvia Spiva

Silvia Spiva

Cisco DevNet Community Manager

Silvia K. Spiva, Cisco DevNet Community Manager,  is a Multicultural Marketer, creating content for global audiences, from the heart of Silicon Valley. Her passions include children’s literacy, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), and finding ways to bridge if not crush the #DigitalDivide

Photo of Marija Stojkovska

Marija Stojkovska

“Macedonia – London – San Jose – London – TBD
Currently starting my masters in Electronic Engineering after spending a year as part of the Cisco International Internship Program.
I travel a lot and have friends pretty much in all time zones hence I do know how to appreciate good collaboration platforms.”

Photo of Jason Su

Jason Su

Systems Engineer

Evangelist and Cisco Systems Engineer based in Southern California.

Photo of Perajiraver Subakesan

Perajiraver Subakesan

Passionate about bots that resolve real world problems.

Photo of Andy Tan

Andy Tan

Infrastructure Analyst

I’m an Infrastructure Analyst and a fan of collaboration technology and unified communications. I have been involved in Webex pilots and deployments in my previous and current organisation now. The growth in this space is huge over the years and I want to be part of this global team and hopefully contributing and making an impact for the future.

Photo of Sing Yuen Tang

Sing Yuen Tang

Associate System Engineer

“Hi, my name is Sing Yuen. I am currently undergoing CSAP as an ASE based in Singapore. For the last 5 months, it has been a wonderful journey, being able to learn all about Cisco’s technologies and the nice culture we have over here.

Currently working hard to continue my training. Will join you guys out there soon!”

Photo of David Taylor

David Taylor

Developer. Software Engineer. Project Manager – CDIO Digital Services

Currently I am a developer / software engineer with HMRC specialising in Collaboration Technologies. Designing and advising teams on solutions that solve their business challenges. I am Working on and Cisco Tropo development –

– Tropo building API’s both inbound and outbound for SMS messaging, Voice and Interactive voice response (IVR) for the national UK contact centre.…

Photo of Trad Tobaishat

Trad Tobaishat

Senior System Engineer

Photo of Daniel Tobar

Daniel Tobar

Cisco’s Collaboration SE

Photo of Chris Toh

Chris Toh

Hi, I am Chris

Photo of Max Towery

Max Towery

Software Developer for Cerium Networks. I develop tools and applications for , Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office Apps etc.

Photo of Dirk-Jan Uittenbogaard

Dirk-Jan Uittenbogaard

Consulting Systems Engineer

Cisco Consulting Systems Engineer in the European Digital Acceleration Team, with a focus on & API’s. Last year I started to learn Python and currently I’m about to finish a Django and Javascript training. As a proof of concept I have integrated my (automated) home with , allowing me to control lights, get security camera images and get every other piece of data you could think of, like: water/gas/power consumption, weight scale data, door & temperature status.…

Photo of Jonas Van Gestel

Jonas Van Gestel

ICT Infrastructure Manager

Photo of Harry Watson

Harry Watson

Member of Technical Staff

Created a number of bots and Tropo integration’s within Cisco IT, Hackathons and externally for fun.

Photo of Mattias Widman

Mattias Widman

Third Line Support / Solution Architect

Solution Architect / Third Line Support within the collaboration field at Cygate AB. I am based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Been using since before it was even called , remember the Project Squared days anyone? Consider myself a bit of an evangelist for all things …

Photo of Jeremy Willans

Jeremy Willans

Senior Network Consultant

Collaboration Enthusiast who is passionate about working with customers to enhance their collaborative capabilities.

Photo of Danny Wong

Danny Wong

Danny is a 4 x CCIE work as Collaboration CSE for Global Enterprise Segment based in Hong Kong. He doesn’t know much about programming, but he has 6 broken apps in the iTunes store.

Photo of Kevin Wooten

Kevin Wooten


I am a Technical Solution Architect for Collaboration covering the Commercial Select and Territory teams.   I have a passion for collaboration and cloud technologies.  I live by the moto your belief about yourself determines your behavior

Photo of Robert Wykoff

Robert Wykoff

Robert Wykoff is a Cisco Voice CCIE working in Arizona. He has been working on Cisco equipment since 1990 and has worked with Cisco voice since 2003.

Photo of Jagath Yapa

Jagath Yapa

National Manager – Collaboration and Customer Experience BU

Jagath ( JAG) , National Manager heading Collaboration business for Dimension Data in Australia. Apart from my great interest in Cisco technologies and solutions , I have strong appetite for APIs. I have been working with clients and partners to develop new and innovative technical solutions. I am passionate about helping my clients solve complex collaboration challenges.