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    The global online community of Cisco Webex users from all over the world to facilitate networking, Q&A’s, feedback and more.

  • Cisco Webex Ambassadors

    Members receive a Cisco Webex Certificate, badge,  and become a part of the Ambassador Directory.

  • Cisco Webex Ambassadors

    With over 2,700 members and growing, you’ll join an elite global network of collaboration evangelists.

A forum on steroids with thousands of Cisco Webex Teams devotees you can chat with. -Dir. Architectures
Duane LarsonHilton
Ambassadors has given me a great place to share ideas, learn and grow! -Manager, UC
Richard BugbeeCharter
I get to hear about other Cisco Webex Teams deployments, what's new and happening. -Prin. Architect
Darryl EdwardsBHP

Hi there! 

We are revamping the Ambassador program to make it more scalable and give you better tools to manage your learning. We are excited to share details with you in the upcoming months. In order to do this – we are pausing the Ambassador application site and process while we get all our ducks in a row.

We are also no longer adding people to the Ambassador spaces and directory.

Please direct people interested in the Ambassador program to The Webex Community to ask their questions.  For any other question, please reach out to us at ambassador-support@cisco.com and we look forward to implementing new ideas to better serve all of you!